Family Law and Mediation Center, PLC
Family Law    & Mediation Center, PLC

Serving the Needs of Virginia Families for over 25 years

(Representing one party to a dispute)
Premarital, reconciliation, & postnuptial settlement agreements Divorce (contested or consensual) Child custody & visitation Property, asset & debt distribution Retirement divisions Post-divorce matters Enforcement of agreement & consent orders Spousal support Child Support
(Working with both parties to settle the dispute)
Family Law and Mediation Center, PLC, Fairfax, VA
Leslie Weber Hoffman, Amy L. Mirabile and Kara Lehman Bowser, Virginia attorneys concentrating their practice in family law, offer a comprehensive range of family law services. They provide advice and counsel on a broad range of complex legal matters, mediate disputes, negotiate settlements, and represent clients in contested, often complex, litigation matters.

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